8masha is a blog developed by the youth of the gulf counties were we share our experiences.

Name of the blog:

8masha is a word used all around the gulf  which means pearl. We choose this name because it’s the common factor between all the gulf countries. Pearl trading was the main source of the economy back then and all our garden parents worked in pearl diving


– 8masha is a Kuwaiti girl who loves the gulf! my hobbies are all kinds of sport, cooking, and fashion design. my favorite place on earth is the SPA!!

– monatii:I’m an 80’s kid, majored in English Education. I’m into life & learning. Looking forward a successful life & career. My philosophy in life is to never give up on life. You can have the life you want it, if you WANT it. Writing to share my opinion is something I love to do. You don’t have to believe whatever you read, but you can adjust it to suit your believes.


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